General Admission

Bathhouse + Sauna + Gym + PC access

Do not lose your personal locker key. A charge of $20 will apply to replace it

You are required to sign a waiver of liability before entering the spa 

If it is your first time, do not use the dry sauna rooms for more than 5-10 minutes at a time - especially if you are sensitive to dry heat or a senior

Admission per person / $30 + tax

Seniors 65 yrs & over. Monday - Thursday only. Must provide ID / $20 + tax

The Bathhouse

Wear your provided Seoul Spa uniforms in the dry sauna as well as the rest of Seoul Spa facilities

Do not wear in the wet sauna - this is a showering area

Dry Sauna / Himalaya Salt room, Jewel room, Wood charcoal room, Ice room, Terracotta red clay room

Wet Sauna / Showers, Soaking herbal tubs


Gratuity is not included

All services are scheduled at the front desk by a first come, first serve basis

Body Massages are done in communal massage room with provided Seoul Spa uniforms

It is your responsibility to inform your masseuse of any fragile areas to avoid prior to the body massage

Ex) Previously injured area, surgical site, etc

Sauna Scrub Massages are done inside the shower area. You are required to shower and soak 30 minutes prior to your sauna scrub massage

Ex) If your Sauna Scrub Massage is scheduled for 1:00pm, you must start your shower + soak at 12:30pm. It is your responsibility to be aware of the time. Please be respectful of others' appointments

Male sauna scrubs by male masseuse and female sauna scrubs by female masseuse

Body Massage / deep tissue

1 hour / $80

1 hour + 30 min / 120

2 hours / $160

Sauna Scrub Massage / exfoliation of dead skin cells

30 minutes / $50

1 hour / $80

1 hour + 30 min / $120