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Seoul Spa thanks you for patiently waiting our much anticipated opening.

Our mission is to create a space of well-being, balance and tranquility

to all who enter our doors.

We are here to cleanse your body of fatigue and release your mind of stress accumulated throughout a day's hard work.

Providing each and every guest with a lingering sense of rejuvenation,

we help bring families, lovers, colleagues, and friends together

for unforgettable memories of relaxation.

Seoul Spa will always be in a constant effort to have you leaving with an overall sense of calm and serenity.

- S. Choi

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Deals are on!

Groupon Deals are now live!

Living Social

Deals to begin April 28, 2014!

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White Bubble

Bring your own pair

of separate clean slippers if you prefer not to walk around barefoot!